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Mafia Island

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A classic, off-the-beaten-track tropical island, Mafia provides the discerning visitor with a serene and exclusive hideaway, far removed from the crowds of Zanzibar. The largest island of the Mafia Archipelago, Mafia lies 120kms south of Dar es Salaam and is widely acknowledged as one of the best dive sites in the Indian Ocean. Diving equipment and logistics are provided by Mafia’s excellent lodges and staff will take you to remote beaches and pristine reefs. Go between late May and mid-October for the best weather; there’s rain between April and May and again in November while February and March can be very hot and humid.

Mafia is known as a beautiful Indian Ocean island that is famous for deep sea fishing and scuba diving. Aquatic life is abundant and the coral gardens are in good health due to the protection of the Mafia Island Marine Park. The park is located between the Rufiji River delta to the west and the open Indian Ocean to the east. The dual influences of the river and the sea have combined to create a rich and exceptional biodiversity with unique landscapes under the sea and on dry land.

Main Attractions

Today the island has two main attractions: snorkelling with the seasonal whale sharks off the east coast of Kilidoni from September to March, and diving on the outer reefs of the west coast, the passes on the edge of Chole Bay, and inside the bay itself. As luck would have it, when the whale sharks aren’t visible, this is the best time of year to see turtle hatchings, from April to September, on the beaches of Juani Island, 30 minutes by boat from Chole Bay.

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