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Main Attraction

Praia Joaquina, also known as Praia Joaca, is one of the most important spots in Florianopolis, the capital of Santa Catarina State in southern Brazil. With the millenary rocks on the left, the colour of the water and the big dunes are unique elements that make Praia Joaquina unmistakeable and is why it’s one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in Floripa. It’s always lively, especially at the weekends when you can enjoy the authentic Brazilian beach atmosphere. Santa Catarina’s international airport Hercílio Luz is only half an hour away from Avenida Prefeito Acácio Garibaldi, which leads to Praia Joaquina. At the beach there is a parking area, a bus line, toilets, bars, leisure centres and surf schools with board rentals if necessary.

The history of surfing in Joaquina began in the seventies with Celso Ramos who they say was the first surfer there. He was later joined by legends like Betinho Rodrigues, Niltinho Ramos and Ricardo Schoreder. The mid seventies was a very important time as it’s when the legend Fernando Moniz and Piu Surfboards, the shaper Paulinho Guinle’s brand, were feeling the sensation of the era and boosted modern surfing in Floripa. The surf competitions were somewhat normal in Joaquina and in 1976 they celebrated the first surf festival in Florianópolis. Hundreds of surfers gathered at Joaquina for ‘I Rock, Surf e Brotos’ and from then on the spot became the centre of the surf culture in Florianópolis.

Nowadays Joaquina is very well known for having hosted important international competitions, like the WCT stop which was won by Taj Burrow in 2004. This place has forged Catarinense legends like David Huzadel, Luan Wood, the brothers Neco and Flavio Padarazt, youngsters like Tomas Hermes, Tanio Barreto and WCT riders like Alejo Muniz along with other promising youngsters like Marina Rezende, Yago Dora and Lucas Silveira. This beach stretches across 3 km and is between 10 and 70 metres wide depending on the tide. It enjoys a good climate all year round with an average temperature of around 21°C. It could rain at any time of the year but there is less chance between June and August, besides, this is also the best time for waves.

About Brazil

Located in central-eastern part of South America and covering an area of 8.5 million (3,287,956 sq mi), Brazil is the world’s 5th largest country as well as the largest country in South America and in the Southern Hemisphere. Brazil is divided into 5 primary geographic areas: the northern Guiana Highlands; Brazilian Highlands (or plateau) in central and east; the massive Amazon River Basin; the Pantanal wetland areas of the southwest; and the Southern Highlands – to the west and south of Curitiba.

The Brazilian Highlands are covered by low mountain ranges and forested river valleys. From Rio de Janeiro – north to Fortaleza, a series of higher mountain ranges form a natural barrier between the Atlantic Ocean and the country’s interior. The Pantanal is the world’s largest freshwater wetland, a seasonally flooded plain fed by the tributaries of many rivers. For size comparison, it’s almost 10 times the size of the Florida Everglades. The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. It is drained by the huge Amazon River, and more than 200 of its tributaries – with more than a dozen of those tributaries being on (The Longest Rivers of the World) list. The Sao Francisco is the longest river completely within Brazil’s borders. The Guiana Highlands, a relatively flat-topped mountainous area covered by rainforest, stretches across much of northern South America. It’s home to many of the planet’s most spectacular waterfalls, and Brazil’s highest point : Pico da Neblina at 9,823ft (2,999m) (marked on the map by a yellow upright triangle). The lowest point is at the Atlantic Ocean.

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