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8 Days Shira route – Kilimanjaro Climb

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The Shira Route is one of the lesser used trails on Mount Kilimanjaro, making it perfect for those wishing to avoid large numbers of climbers on the first few days. The route passes through some of the best parts of the forest before winding across the Shira Plateau, the highlight of many climbers expedition.
The Shira Route approaches from the west with the massive cone of Kibo looming straight ahead for a lot of the climb, great for some spectacular photography. This is a great route for anyone who wants to spend a little more time on the mountain (though it is recommended for climbers who are already acclimatized, due to the high altitude start), as there are plenty of walks and trails around the Shira Plateau that can be added to your standard climb.

Moshi / Shira hut

Leave hotel after breakfast for 8 Days Shira Route Mount Kilimanjaro to shira gate, all the way driving. After we finish with the park gate, start hiking to shira plateau for 4hrs, dinner and over night in the camp.[3000m].

Shira plateau / Shira hut

Early hike will start after breakfast to shira hut which is 5-6 hrs, lunch will be on the way. Dinner and over night in the camp.[3700m].

Shira hut / Lava tower

This day we will not start very early because the hike is only for 3hrs. so we sleep at [4400m] the camp is lava tower.

Lava tower / Barranco

This is a very short day and as well is going down to Baranco camp which is [3800m] and this one will help you very much for acclimatizing for the summit. Dinner and over night in the camp.

Barranco / Karanga valley

After breakfast, we face the breakfast wall, on our way to Karanga valley for lunch, dinner and over night.[3900m]

Karanga valley / Barafu

Because we have problem of the water in the other camp, we have to carry water all the way from Karanga vallery, by this, lunch is on route. Dinner and over night in Barafu camp.[4600m] In this camp we arrange our gears for the summit. We start hiking for the summit at mid night, so we wake up at 11.00pm.We will be in the Uhuru peak at 6.30am.

Barafu / Mweka hut

After breakfast at Barafu camp descend to Mweka camp for dinner and over night.

Mweka hut / Mweka gate

We take breakfast at 8.30am and then walk down to Mweka gate, then cash our transport to Moshi or Arusha. End of your 8 Days Shira Route Mount Kilimanjaro.

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